I won’t start eating stuff that only rabbits are supposed to be eating (which reminds me of the Clancy Brothers song titled Water is alright in tay, where the chorus ends “water is alright in tay, (and) for fish and things that swim in rivers”), but i really have to think of what to eat. It’s all nice and fine i started going to gym and running quite a lot compared how much i was moving earlier, but i really don’t like how i’m constantly tired. It’s not easy to tune what i eat well. I don’t want to over-eat, i don’t want to feel hungry, and most of all i want to get rid of this constant feeling that i have to eat some chocolate or something sweet. I’ve been experimenting for a while for the right type and amount, but suggestions are still welcome.

Though i wonder if this is the reason why in western meals the courses are separated and sweets come last. Might not be accident.