Yesterday i woke up in the morning and made a huge load of porridge, ate it with maple syrup and was full.

Then i went to the gym, worked out for an hour, then run roughly a mile, and was ready for two english classes, but luckily the japanese teacher of the second class didn’t show up, so after ten minutes i declared it freetime and came home.

But on the way came the urge to eat, to have one specific meal my mom used to do quite often, meat roasted in fat. So i went to the nearby supermarket and bought pork for it (couldn’t find beef in block, just sliced up for yakiniku). I looked a while for fat, but couldn’t find it. Then i stumbled upon it at the beef section, tiny cubes offered for free. I guess japanese hardly ever use it, so they can afford giving it away. Came handy, i picked up a bunch and headed for McDonalds.

Because however much i love potato food, be that fried or mashed or whatever, i have absolutely no patience to clean the potato, boil it well and prepare it. So i just went to the fast food deposit and picked up a load of fried potato. Made my meal, and it was good. (No Biblical reference intended for now.)

I watched Stargate SG-1 for a while, then started studying bookkeeping (successfully, the test was today and there was hardly a few questions i didn’t know the answer to), and when i was done with that, back to Stargate. Around midnight i decided to have dinner, so i made hot dogs, and munched in two with mustard and ketchup.

Does the morning training and the afternoon study null out all this “healthy” food? (Not as if i actually care… I’m like Yui in K-On!, apparently: no matter how much i eat or work out, my weight is fixed at 67 kgs.)