One more Sumatra limited coffee from Starbucks. Actually i was pretty surprised that they offered this as hot drip coffee of the day, since this Sumatra line seems to be cut already. (At least the Siborong-borong i bought today was the very last package left at the local shop, i’ll write about it sometime i can sit down and enjoy it not just gulp it down during a class.) I can’t even find any official description of what it’s supposed to be like, so what i write is no way influenced. It was drip coffee, and drip coffee for me is much thinner in body and taste than that i make myself, but i tried to consider this.

Sumatra Lake Toba coffee has a really nice smell, reminding me of lying in the grass on a still flowery field in early autumn, warm and sweet, and there is the distant smell of fallen leaves i love so much. It doesn’t have that strong body i expected (the only info i could get about it was it being “extra bold”), which may be because it was drip coffee. Even though, the roasting gives it a really nice darker taste, like a shade of an old tree on the earlier field.

Its taste has a touch of acid, but that sour feeling fits quite well with the almost salty overall impression. Reminded me of some old, quality red wine, some that you would drink from those elegant glasses even if with friends. (Fits in the early autumn scenery quite well, doesn’t it.) As for the aftertaste, probably because its acidity, it left a feel like mint, refreshing my throat.

Too bad it’s over.