I’m a bit fed up with mp3 tagging already. Seriously, i’m spending more time tagging my music collection than actually listening to it (obviously not true, since i’m listening while tagging as well), and it’s annoying. When i was using foobar on Windows, i had the impression that all my files were correctly tagged, i could mass-rename them to my scheme, it was all fine and working.

Then came childhood’s end, and i started facing problems. Many problems. First, apparently there’s no standard way to store replay gain information, or just all players ignore it and use their own way, because although my whole library had the replay gain calculated, the difference in volume is striking when playing on ipod. Also, ipod apparently requires some specific format to store the cover image in the files, so i have to add those manually too–after my first few searches for some automated method gave no results, i was just too lazy to look for it anymore.

But this was not all. Rhythmbox apparently can’t handle tags normally, favouring id3v1 tags even when id3v2 is present, and what’s worse, it writes its “unknown artist” tags into the files, so it’s not even simple to fix.

So now i just got fed up with the recently oft problem when the song title is longer than the allowed max for id3v1, and i decided to strip id3v1 once and for all. Unluckily, many files were left with “unknown”, but that’s still easier to find and fix than erroneous tags under correct tags, not even displayed most of the time.