Just a few minutes ago i read another short story in the Neil Gaiman book Smoke and Mirrors. And after i was done with it, i realised what i like a lot in a book. It’s when it makes me dream. That while i’m reading i can see the story, as if i was there, as if i was the narrator himself, in the book’s world.

It’s not only Gaiman, there are plenty of books that are such. Actually, most of those i read were like that. It doesn’t mean it’s a great story or carries a grand message, it’s just that the book is entertaining. I could go on with examples, but there’s simply too many.

It’s such a nice feeling when i’m walking on the corridors of Hogwarts or checking out the underground cavern in Bod’s graveyard, and even though i’m aware that i’m sitting on a train (even if while reading i stand up so that an elder lady could sit down) or on the toilet, the shriek of the Ringwraith or the final appearance of the Hound of Baskervilles can make me shiver to the bone.

I wish i could write like that.