In two hours i’ll close my door behind me and not come back for a week. (This not counting the cases of returning from the 20m range of the dorm realising i forgot something.) Until then, i try to rid my room of anything that would end up rotten and smelly in this one week (not much, mostly trash only) and decide what to pack and what not. So far the only thing sure is my sleeping bag (bought yesterday), a towel, and my toothbrush.

Also it seems that i won’t write about all that stuff i watched lately anytime soon (to all i listed earlier, i since then watched Hyakko too). I’m not nerd enough to bring my laptop with me (not to mention it’d pretty much double my luggage), so there won’t be any blogging in the coming one week. Maybe if i feel like it i’ll occasionally plurk. I’ll try making photos, though i only have my phone for that purpose.

Hell, it’s about time.