Last night as my connection was down, i decided to have some offline fun: watch movies. Thus i watched the two seemingly lightest pieces, two game cover movies, Tekken and Prince of Persia (note here, it’s annoying like hell that sites try to serve me content in japanese based on my location). I decided to write just one post about the two movies together, for the simple reason i can sum them up better this way.

Game adaptations, with loads of action, american movie cliches and practically no story (even less than with the games, not to mention the movies’ storylines are just vaguely similar to the games’). That’s all. Great visual effects, easy to watch, quick to forget. Good exactly for the reason i watched them: light but exciting entertainment. I got it.

To still separate them just a bit. In my opinion Tekken shouldn’t even have tried to make any story to it. The original games had enough story for a fighting movie, and that’s what i expected from the Tekken movie, not a many-minute long scene of our hero going clubbing with a rival fighter. I wanted to see Hwoarang kick ass (literally) and Lei Wulong rule with his drunken fist style (yeah, i only played Tekken 3). I wanted to see more fights in the arena and less shooting. Whatever.

As for the Prince of Persia movie, the story changed much, much more compared to the game, and i don’t know if it was for the better or not. It surely might’ve been hard to make a long enough movie with just the game’s story… Also it might be only Gyllenhaal’s face that makes whatever happening around him look terribly cliche, but it’s a bit tiring. Nevertheless.