Take two totally unangelic angels, a priest and a city, write murderously hilarious stories and turn the whole thing into a strictly 18+ anime with the looks of Invader Zim and the Powerpuff Girls. That’s Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. Panty is the slutty angel who uses her panties as a gun to kill ghosts, Stocking is the gothloli angel addicted to sweets who turns her stockings into swords and Garterbelt is their mentor priest-looking madman who gives the girls missions and seems to be just a bit too fond of young boys.

There’s no much story to this anime, but it’s frenetic. If one likes this kind of filthy humour, the adventures of Stocking and Panty will cause a warp in timespace: bringing infinitesimal amounts of fun in the very limited time of an episode. When i say the series’ humour is filthy, i mean it: if the above character descriptions are not enough, the continuous stream of shit and sex jokes will prove the point.

There’s also a cute doggie-like something that looks very similar to GIR from Invader Zim and dies even more often than Kenny of South Park.

And whenever the girls finish a ghost off, it dies exploding just how a stereotypical Kamen Rider Hibiki or Power Rangers enemy would.

And the girls are cool.

But they can be angelic too.

Absolute fantastic win of the autumn season.