Yesterday i watched the Airbender movie that came out this summer. It was fun. For most of it.

It’s very obviously a kids’ movie, so as long as it has some touching scenes, amazing visual effects and young characters, you don’t need much of a story. Compared to that, the Airbender movie had somewhat of a story, and although i have never watched the animated series nor knew the story at all, it was still fascinating.

It looks amazing, and it’s fast-paced. Sometimes a bit too fast-paced. Especially during the last events of the movie, i got the feeling that we’re seeing everything but what matters – really important fights are hardly given any significant time. Otherwise, the only bad point i could bring up is the terrible acting. I don’t know if american kid actors are all miseducated or what, because they all always have a really pathetic and lame worried-scared expression on their faces. Not to mention they can’t pull off a dialog in any normal way. (The worst were the water siblings and the ice princess, especially when they were together. It’s creepy.)

Of course the intended audience (little kids) probably wouldn’t realize that, would probably be already familiar with the story and the world, and thus have almost two hours of fun.