Yesterday i watched this masterpiece by Scorsese starring Leonardo DiCaprio… as God only knows who. There’s so much madness in this movie, and not in the 300 sense, but in the good old lunatic, hallucinating, confusing, asylum-style madness. There’s so much of that, i’m positive not even the directors or the writer of the novel the movie’s based on, not even they know who the character DiCaprio plays actually is.

I most certainly don’t. The movie is a thriller, a psychological one of that, i’d say. Up until like half-time the movie, it could turn out to be a more traditional (aka. cliched) storyline with mad brain-drilling scientists who somehow managed to port their research from Auschwitz to Boston bay, with lot of blood and shooting. Or it could turn into a mind-twisting mess where it’s the smallest problem the watcher doesn’t know who’s who and what’s their purpose is anymore—the characters themselves don’t know either.

Normally i don’t like not knowing what’s really going on. But in the case of this movie, i guess that’s the point. Leaves you hanging. I still don’t know which storyline actually came true. I guess it doesn’t matter after all. If you can’t trust your own mind, you can’t trust anything else either.