I guess it’s just about time to write about how university (re)started this semester. To sum it up short: boring. I have no classes on monday and just a sole japanese on tuesday, so i pretty much have a four day weekend every week. Followed by three days when i’m in school nine to four… Most of the subjects are either boring or simple or both. There’s only one class where i don’t want to sleep (a math class with a typical nice old math prof), and two where i don’t dare to sleep. One of those is a statistics class where the teacher either goes on about various programs that we could use for statistical purposes, or writes equations on the blackboard without explaining any part of them. I guess he expects us to know what he is supposed to teach us, as per japanese standard. The other class is one about stock market and related topics, which is actually interesting. Well, it would be, if the teacher sped things up a bit. This way i can take nice naps without missing anything. The rest (micro, macro, management, bookkeeping lectures) are the usual: since there’s only an exam in the end of the year, it’s not easy to take them seriously. I already wrote about my english classes. Also, there’s this one class, where not only the topic is freaking lame (meaning of work) and the teacher’s saying nonsense all the time (catching your friend’s hand if he stumbles is volunteer work according to him), but the teacher himself is so annoying i really have problems not killing him. Speaks all the time as if we were a bunch of retards. The only class that i would skip without regret if he wasn’t checking attendance. This way i just put on my headphones, turn on the volume and rest. Still better than being annoyed to death by that way of speaking.