Café Estima is one of the blends i wanted to try for a while now, mostly because the packaging sports a very visible “fair trade” badge on it. Still, it didn’t cost more than any other coffee i tried so far. Although it’s “just” bold, not extra bold, the ground beans have a really characteristic aroma to them. It’s somewhat sweetish, as if there was cocoa or something in it. The fresh brew is first of all hot–my aching tongue reminds me of that right now. And it tastes sweet. It’s bitter of course, just as a coffee should be, but it has a sweet taste to it (you can smell it as well, not just taste it), like honey. But that’s just a quick first impression (a good one of those though), after that it’s the tropical coffee taste.

However, this mix of strength and flavour makes it a good choice, not to mention it’s fair trade.