You can’t. What i’ve been trying to do is to get Analytics working properly through all subdomains, all subdomains separated and an aggregate profile. Not easy.

Earlier i was doing this by making totally separate profiles for the blog and the rest and then including them in the right places, but Analytics just couldn’t handle folders and subdomains correctly.

Now i tried to make one profile with a bunch of sub-profiles, a couple of filters and subdomain limiting in the include code, but this doesn’t seem to work that well either. The most apparent sign of this is not that blog posts show up in a way they shouldn’t, but even my own pageloads on my home server where i was testing the stuff before uploading (which is, for your information, a totally separate host with a name that doesn’t even resemble, not to mention its folder structure is slightly different) showed up mysteriously, even though the cookies should’ve been limited to

So i decided to just stay put for a few days until it gathers enough data to actually analyze and then i’ll see what the problem is.