Now either there’s a website there, that mysteriously acquires secret documents an dumps them for the public. In this case, the chase after the site makes complete sense, considering how a canadian presidential advisor suggested Julian Assange (from now on, the Wikileaks guy) should be assassinated, considering how Wikileaks had to move to the Amazon cloud to handle the immense ddos attacks (and yet, it’s not accessible for me right now – either Japan’s censoring me, or the site’s down) and how some swedish court issued an Interpol arrest notice for the poor guy (on basis of some apparently made-up sexual harassment charges).

Or, the whole Wikileaks thing is created by CIA. This would explain how a website could so mysteriously obtain such documents. Also, in this case too, the persecution against Wikileaks would make sense, just that’d mean that the whole world is being trolled by the CIA.

Reading the articles (mostly at Ars Technica), i really laughed out loud at parts… like where american congressmen labeled Wikileaks terrorism in a white-hot rage. This just reinforces what Cory Doctorow writes in Little Brother.