A while ago Glend suggested that i might want to try this visual novel titled Saya no Uta.

So i did.

Saya no Uta has everything that can make something “adults only”: blood, gore, sex, violence, drama, madness. It’s interesting to read as well, so i’ve seen all three endings after reading/playing it all night yesterday (not literally all night, but from late to even later, even in my senses) and a few hours just now.

Critics might consider using words like “shocking” or “tense” and the like, or would go on for pages about how Saya no Uta (Saya’s Song) is full of deeper meanings, how it makes people wonder what the world around us might be, doubt our senses like philosophers suggested hundreds of years ago and the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

I’m not a critic. I’m just a guy who enjoyed reading/playing this visual novel.