Last spring i got the first internet provider i could find: Super-r. As apparent from my plurk and twitter streams, it’s often more of a disconnection than a connection.

I was for example not aware that i had some limitations or rules on my traffic. Apparently there are, because for a day now my internet was cut. After i couldn’t reconnect this morning, i now decided to call the support. Surprisingly they answered at first try, but what they said was more surprising. My net was indeed cut, because i was generating too much traffic.

The surprising part is not that they limited me because i was overloading the system (though i doubt i actually overloaded it) with my few hundred gigabytes of traffic, but okay, it’s too much for them. Lately i often left my computer on while i attended afternoon classes, with BOINC and torrents running. Guess the latter was troublesome. I understand, i “cause trouble for other customers”, i’m sorry.

The problem is that they cut my net without a word of warning. It’s not like the warning messages from the provider are piling up in my mailbox, neither have they contacted me in any other way. If i didn’t call them now, then what? I wouldn’t have internet this month? (Their site is completely unaccessible by mobile phone, which is outrageous in Japan.) It’s usual practice for japanese that if they find you troublesome they don’t say so, just call the police or the landlord. But a provider cutting my net without a word of warning, any contact or explanation?

Not so fun.