A limited edition coffee now sold in probably all the Starbucks shops around the world (they surely sell it in hungary), Guatemala Casi Cielo is really how its name suggests: almost Heaven.

The ground beans and the fresh brew have a sweet but bold aroma, that somewhat reminds me of a well done tiramisu cake. You can also smell the smokiness of a well roasted coffee. It really makes you want to drink it.

And the taste… It just hits the spot. I can’t recall drinking a coffee so fit to my tastes ever since the italian blend (and before that, Verona). It has just the mix of sourness, sweetness, characteristic aromas (a hint of chocolate-ish, a hint of rum-ish, a hint of some latin spice-ish) and smoothness. I like how thick it is even for a medium coffee, it almost makes me forget that i’m a fan of extra bold ones usually. A perfect, easy sting of bitterness in the end tops it all.

People trying to stop smoking, be careful: this beauty will make you want to smoke.