It’s been a while since i bought a big pack of the Guatemala Antigua beans, but i never really had a chance to write about it. Even now i’m kinda in trouble what to write…

It’s a nice coffee, with medium body and usual complexity. Its aroma has hints that remind me of chocochip cookies covered in honey, honey from some kind of very strong scented flower.

When i drink it in my everyday routine, i usually don’t pay attention to its taste. The bitterness of the espresso brew is more characteristic, that is. But once i take the time and taste it for the sake of tasting it reveals interesting layers. Some tastes that remind me of the hungarian Easter Monday traditions, and some that remind me of the taste of that blade of grass in the polish Zubrowka vodka.

There is also a surprisingly cold aftertaste as well, a bit sour, but it matches in with the overall summery feeling of the coffee: imagine it as drinking a handful of cold water from a mountain spring after walking across a flowery field.

Something like that. Guatemala did it again.