A while ago i saw a certain pic on /a/, one featuring a boy standing in front of a mecha. I liked the art style so i asked, and it turned out to be from Eureka Seven. Then during the netless days of early april, i decided to start watching it, then i just couldn’t stop. Watched the first 25 episodes in a day, then the other 25 in the matter of another few days. Then for days i was rewatching the last few episodes over and over again.

The art is great, the music’s good and the story’s really nice. Although i do kind of understand those who claimed that it could’ve been done in 13 or 25 episodes just as well. There are plenty of episodes where nothing really happens, just minor development of the characters’ backgrounds, but you could just as well call it a bit slow-paced.

Those characters are really well designed. There’s very apparently a lot of effort put into making them have some weight, by which i mean not that they are all obese but that their backgrounds and personalities are all well elaborated. Even if i found certain scenes and certain actions a bit unreasonable, that can be explained with that Eureka Seven is an anime for not necessarily the most mature of audiences.

The world is quite well designed as well, though there are much more points that i can’t really understand. One such is that if humankind was developing on another planed for two thousand years, is capable of interstellar travel and can design orbiting insert-random-particle-here ray cannons, then how come the general technical level of the general populace is as low as it is, and how come they can’t figure out the true nature of the planet they live on? It doesn’t add up.

But then, such negative points in the world design are countered by the design of the society, which is well done on the other hand. Not to mention that the show is full of counter- and pop culture references (though i myself didn’t get any of them while watching the show, but that’s my problem). And that non-human creatures look totally awesome (though that counts in the art i guess), especially the wings of a certain one.

You should totally watch it, worth it. Especially if you’re a teen.