Closing in on Tokyo with my (not) extremely fast train i spent the last half an hour or so figuring out what i’ll do once i arrive. Ended up having a few beers in a nice english bar in Yokohama with Rado and a bulgarian senpai at whose place i crashed for the night. Next day i headed for Ikebukuro, got my hair cut and partially dyed green, then i walked around town, trying to find a certain russian sushi bar, or just see vending machines flying around, but i didn’t even see anyone wearing yellow scarves. Then i went to Odaiba, where i wanted to check one certain shop i’ve been to once, a long long time ago, but i forgot which station it was at, so i spent two hours walking around pointlessly and without any success. So i decided to head for Musashisakai, where i got enough cheese to (hopefully) last until winter (that Hanamasa is pretty much the only shop in this country where i know i can get reasonable amounts of cheese for a reasonable price), had a menma-don in a Sukiya, then had a coffee in Kichijoji and checked if the Aladdin bars were selling hookah or not (they weren’t), then off to Takadanobaba, where a japanese friend’s band were practicing.

Now that’s a strange part of town. In front of the station there was this huge guy, slightly reminiscent of Maximum the Ryo-kun, dressed as a bunny “girl”. Also, on the square four Waseda student guys dressed in high school girls’ uniforms were performing AKB48 dances. Does that count as creepy?

As the practice took quite a while i took a little excursion back to Kichijoji, spent a while with the bulgarians in one of the aforementioned Aladdin bars, then back to Takadanobaba, then off to the place of that japanese friend, where i crashed that night. Had a few beers, that was it.

Next morning i got on the train back, spent the day on the train (luckily this time without any headache), read, got off the train in Hikone, had a shower, idled for hours, translated C and my part of Commie’s yet unreleased Denpa 04 (derp), went to sleep in the morning, and here i am now.

I guess i should go and get a coffee. (My espresso maker is officially dead, i pulled off the night with four cans of coffee from the vending machine in front of the building.)