This is a good day. The sun shines bright outside, which means the rain is finally gone after days and days of pretty much non-stop showers. Actually, i don’t know if it was yesterday or wednesday, but it was raining so badly, that they issued a 大雨警報 (heavy rainfall warning, just like with tsunami and earthquake warning). Someone tweeted a park turned into a feet-deep pond.

Also, with Commie we managed to release Denpa Onna before Mazui, which is great. That alone could make my day.

Also, although yesterday evening i got my coffee maker, some parts were missing from the package, so i couldn’t make any espresso with it. I emailed the company about it like ten minutes after the package arrived, and just now they replied saying that they apologize for the inconvenience and have posted the missing parts already. Now this is how it’s to be done.

Now i should do some fansubbing, or go out photosynthesizing, because this is a good day.