Month: October 2011

Winter is coming

It really is. Just a few days ago, all day the sky was full of lead grey clouds and so cold i wouldn’t have been surprised if it started snowing. It didn’t. Then yesterday evening i had to put on my leather jacket against the wind and the cold, and now i’ve to wear the nice warm hoodie i got from threadless, because even with my heater on under the desk, it’s cold. Sure, i always have my window open (partly because the ceiling is so low that if i closed the window i’d always feel there isn’t enough air, but just now i closed the kitchen window because though my computer and the heater warm the room somewhat, the kitchen would be freezing by morning.

So i should start looking for dead direwolves lying on the lakeside, because winter is coming.

Ubuntu’s Unity, revisited

Now that the first waves of rage calmed down and i’ve been using Unity for a few days, it doesn’t seem that horrible anymore. I managed to tweak many stuff to my liking, and many still await, but now i can at least get stuff done without constantly being held up by the clumsy interface.There are stuff that disturb me still though.

Ubuntu’s Unity, revisited

Now that the first waves of rage calmed down and i’ve been using Unity for a few days, it doesn’t seem that horrible anymore. I managed to tweak many stuff to my liking, and many still await, but now i can at least get stuff done without constantly being held up by the clumsy interface.

There are stuff that disturb me still though. There is no simple way to switch between workspaces. In the classic Gnome, there was the handy workspace switcher applet on the tray, and it took only a click. In Unity, i’ve to click the icon in the launcher for the workspace wall to show up, and right-click on the workspace i want to move to. I can’t even use the “send to workspace …” options on the right click menu of windows, because it closes the window without warning or question. Not to mention that Unity is prone to crash without any real reason. In the past three days it crashed at least three times when i was just normally using the system and pretty much every single time i tried tweaking the settings. Luckily it restarts quickly, but it’s still annoying.

Ubuntu 11.10 PPPoE network fun

I have a DSL network connection, which is really nice fast, at least inside Japan, if it works. Luckily unlike my previous provider at the dorm, who would randomly cut off my net for days without warning if i left the torrent client on for a bit too long, there are no problems on the provider’s side. There are smaller ones on mine though. I have to manually connect whenever i boot Windows, but i never really bothered to look deeper into it, since it only happens once or twice a week. However, under Ubuntu the problems are quite different.

After i upgraded and then reinstalled the 11.10 o-something version, i faced some problems i couldn’t really handle. First it was the “waiting for network configuration” thing mentioned in the earlier post, but that went away after the reinstall and home folder wipe. But then there were other problems. It wouldn’t or only partially load certain pages (without any connection to each other, such as Rakuten and Tumblr) although i could ping and netcat them, it wouldn’t connect to MSN and in general it was slow. I rebooted to Windows to check, and found that everything worked all right, thus confirmed that it was an Ubuntu thing. I checked every setting in the network config manager gui, but none had any effect.

Rage mode on

So, again Ubuntu delivered a distro update, and with it, another afternoon of pure rage. First, why the hell do you need to remove Gnome if i already have it installed? I don’t give a flying fuck about Unity, i’m not using a tablet and i always have lots of windows open at once. But all right, if you want to install that pile of crap Unity, do so, but leave Gnome on. No, you must remove Gnome. Okay then, remove it, but let me reinstall it after the hour-long update misery is over. I was naive enough to hope it’d work. I installed Gnome, rebooted (of course the distro update fucked up my bootloader too), chose the Gnome session, logged in, and faced something that reminded me of Windows 98 in 8bit color mode with the monitor’s cable having serious contact problems. I thought maybe it didn’t reinstall some required Compiz stuff (which again is fucking stupid considering what’s the point of installing Gnome if it just won’t work), so i logged out, and tried to log in into the Unity session to install stuff. It wouldn’t load. Reboot. Wait three minutes for some kind of “network configuration” (implying this fucker erased even my PPPoE settings), and i couldn’t even skip it. Still neither Gnome nor Unity would boot. So now i’m burning the install CD and getting ready for erasing the system and reinstalling from scratch. For the first time in two years.


Szerencsére a csődveszély már nem fenyeget, ellenben jelen pillanatban nem tudom, hogy fogok tudni hazamenni karácsonykor. Az a gond, hogy nem tudom kifizetni a repülőjegyemet. Ez így nem épp egyértelmű, úgyhogy részletezek: a hitelkártyámon, amivel fizetnék, százezer jenes limit van, a repülőjegy pedig 130. Vagyis nem az a gond, hogy nincs meg a fedezetem rá, hanem hogy a kártyámmal ekkora összeget nem tudok kifizetni. Pedig már kezdtem volna örülni, mert találtam egész olcsó, 50-60 ezer jenes repjegyeket, de aztán amikor rákattintottam, hogy foglalás, felugrott, hogy hoppá van ott még egyszer annyi “külföldi egyéb adó” és így a vége az említett 130 körüli összeg lett.

Lehetőségek: vagy várok hátha szerencsém lesz és lesz egy jegy, ahol a teljes összeg van százezer alatt, vagy valahogy megpróbálom megemelni a kártyám limitét. Ez utóbbi nagyon macerás lenne, már próbáltam: mivel diák vagyok, és nincs bevételem az ösztöndíjamon kívül, az egyetemnek köszönhető csak, hogy megkaptam egyáltalán a kártyát, és így nem éppen lelkes a bank, ha még kéréseim vannak. A múltkor kerek perec megmondták, hogy egyszeri emelést nem lehet, úgyhogy most jön az a rész, hogy nyomozok és reménykedek.

Shakugan no Shana 3

So Shana. RHE asked me to do it, and i jumped on the chance of translating such a legendary series, even if i haven’t seen the second season or any of the specials or movies, and it’s been ages since the first season, so i hardly remember anything of it. (Let’s be honest: nothing.) I expected it to be a relatively easy show, but contrary to my expectations it ended up the hardest. After translating the last two episodes of Dantalian without any major problems, i was pretty surprised that i had so much trouble with Shana. It all comes down to that i had no idea of the context, so i was furiously googling for ages by the time i realized the word i can’t make any sense of is a name or a phrase specific to the series. As by now i more or less picked up the vocab and i know what to expect, from the second episode on, the translation mistakes will be all mostly gone (rather not make hasty promises). Not to mention that if i don’t have to investigate for half an hour whenever a phrase like Crimson Denizens or Torch shows up, it’ll be faster too. Don’t give up on me just yet.

Phi Brain

I’m translating Phi Brain for WhyNot. It’s an anime about puzzles, on the NHK Education channel, so before and after the show there are plenty of related programmes too for the kids, all about the various puzzles, the mythical and historical references in the anime and so on. The main characters are all there during the opening song, and from the first two episodes i have a rough idea of where the story is headed in the first ten or so episodes, but i really can’t even guess how it’d progress after that.

The script is easy, so if i screw up something, i honestly apologize. Also, this is the first show i work on to have the lyrics for the opening and ending songs in the captions.