I was not a bit hesitant to give the Breakfast blend a try (the same goes for the House blend). Why? Because i like bold coffee, and the Breakfast blend is labelled as “mild”. My first impression is that though it smells and looks like coffee and gives the impression of a coffee when tasted, i at first had trouble identifying what taste it is exactly. It has a fresh, sweet aroma, but that as well feels so… familiar? humble? quiet? that i got used to it in the matter of moments. The taste is likewise quiet, the usual “coffee punch” is more like a “coffee fondle”–it’s soft and clean. A bit of citrusy freshness, and the rest is just the coffee. I’m surprised though how long the taste lingers after a good cup, it’s so mild i expected it to vanish right away. I don’t yet know how well this blend will be able to wake me up. It’ll be tested tonight.