Thus passed new year’s, me playing drink curling with friends in their new apartment (rules: sit down in a circle; put a beer and a shot glass in front of you; someone starts by sliding their glass towards someone else’s (except their direct neighbors); if it hits, the person whose glass got hit gets the glass filled and must drink it (be it a shot or a beer), and if it misses the person who “shot” gets the glass they slid filled and must drink it), not sleeping until i got on my bus home, spent my day sleeping as usual, less hungover than usual. Sinfest had its usual year-killing edition, and now i only have less than two days in Hungary left. Also my theory that i trigger revolutions/regime changes/demonstrations is confirmed again: since i got home demonstrations against the government got rougher and rougher. Not that i mind.

Now for the plans for 2012. Go to as many gigs as possible. A few are already on my list, and that list will only get longer. Good point is that unlike in 2011, this year hopefully my finances will stabilize (i even sketched up a rough estimate so that i know what to expect, and without going crazy with sudden great expenses, i’ll zero all my debts in three months while living a normal life), so i’ll be able to go to all the gigs i want to.

Second priority in expenses is to travel somewhere during my summer break. Most probably i’ll be backpacking again, and the most probable target will be Korea. They are hosting the world fair this year in Yeosu, and considering how cheap it is to go there, it’ll be my number one target. If possible though i’d love to check out Hong Kong, Taiwan and/or Singapore as well (plane tickets are likewise cheap).

Third priority is to get a new bass (as my old one is… well, let’s just say not exactly of the highest possible quality), a camera capable of shooting sequences that could be merged into HDR, and also a new espresso maker if i can’t fix my current one, and a new iPod if the controls of my current one get any worse (the “menu” part of its button is hardly working).

Least is to get a Japanese driving licence. Not that i’d have anything to drive except my bicycle.

Also among my lesser goals is to learn mahjongg, and maybe, very maybe, take a N1 JLPT (the autumn date). Date reminds me: find a girl. Not sure about the priority though.

(I didn’t count translating immeasurable amounts of anime. Nor reading similar amounts of literature and continuing working on my current projects and being an active member of my club.)