A while ago i bought a Kindle-only book on the american Amazon. Now that i got a smartphone i thought why not get the Kindle app so that i could read stuff when bored on the train. I did get the app, but for some reason my books wouldn’t show up.

After some initial confusion and checking in the web client, i realized that the client must’ve connected to the japanese Amazon (since my phone’s locale is set to japanese) while my book’s on my american account. I was right, and after changing the locale setting to american english and reinstalling the app that way, the book showed up alright.

However, that locked the settings onto my american account (all my Amazon accounts use the same email address), so i couldn’t get any books from the japanese Kindle store. There are no settings to change which locale to use in the app, and considering that i’d read books both in japanese and english, this is quite troublesome – though at this point i’ve got no Kindle books on my japanese account.

Once i bought something, i’ll figure it out i guess.