Month: April 2013

Dear music industry,

You’re hilarious. Cheers!

I’m doing a presentation on friday about the reasons, effects and possible countermeasures of piracy, and of course for that i need industry data. Preferably lots of it. Numbers, charts, and from reliable, referable sources too. That of course first led me to RIAA. If you somehow manage to suppress your sudden urge to throw up reading such horribly phrased, blatant propaganda against piracy (i mean, i know that “piracy is a bad thing”, but couldn’t they at least attempt to conceal their philosophy of “if you copy a song you’re a thief and deserve to die”?), it comes to view that most statistics (except for last year US sales) are not free. This is of course to be expected, but i’d rather not pay if there was data available for free as well. Not to mention that since i live and will do my presentation in Japan, i’d prefer global data instead of US-only.

Difficulty in Skyrim

I started a new character in Skyrim a week ago, and for some reason the game set itself to expert difficulty. It’s weird.