Remember how I said two years ago that Ubuntu devs should first get Unity to work and then put it in a live release? Well, it all worked quite well… Until the last distro update messed things up again as usual.

It’s not major stuff. It’s the small stuff that just pop up and annoy you.

Stuff like the launcher not showing up even though you move the cursor to the side of the screen a dozen times. (Luckily it can be forced to show using the button to call up the dash, but still.)

Stuff like the screen going black at random times just like Windows does when it changes screen resolution. I could reproduce this by trying to edit graphs in Libre Calc (and after a while, just do anything in Calc).

Stuff like menu items not getting highlighted and the dropdown conversion select menu of ibus broken totally.

Stuff like i had to manually add services (again) to start up at boot that used to start automatically (ibus, noip2, pure-ftpd, boinc).

Stuff like the replay gain plugin broken in Rhythmbox.

Stuff like the system now “supporting” MTP, except it doesn’t reliably work. Sometimes it does. Then sometimes it doesn’t.

I know it’s not all Unity. But I’d still appreciate it if i didn’t have to fix system bugs myself every time there’s a distro update. I guess i deserve it for daring to use linux and installing distro updates right away, but that’s how i roll.