Month: July 2013


I just got my USB wifi adapter and new mouse today, and of course my first thing was to set up network sharing. It went in a flash on Windows. I installed the wifi adapter’s drivers, and it sorted out the rest. Internet sharing was pretty much automatic.


I’ve used Chromium on my linux desktop for years now without any problems. The built-in JavaScript console and other dev features make it very convenient when i suddenly decide i wanna hack some sites, and also it syncs all my bookmarks and passwords with other Chrome/Chromium browsers running on my Windows boot or by now, on my laptop.

I noted earlier how uploading a picture to twitter on Windows 8 from Chromium on my laptop freezes the whole machine for minutes, but i thought that was just because i had a 720p video, multiple browser tabs and an irc client running too (now guess what was i doing).


So in preparation for the longer periods i’ll be spending away from home during the summer (and also a “long-time investment”), i bought an ASUS X201E notebook. It’s not a powerhorse, but it’s cheap and good enough for what i need it for (translating and checking email). It arrived the other day, and i had some fun setting it up.