I’ve used Chromium on my linux desktop for years now without any problems. The built-in JavaScript console and other dev features make it very convenient when i suddenly decide i wanna hack some sites, and also it syncs all my bookmarks and passwords with other Chrome/Chromium browsers running on my Windows boot or by now, on my laptop.

I noted earlier how uploading a picture to twitter on Windows 8 from Chromium on my laptop freezes the whole machine for minutes, but i thought that was just because i had a 720p video, multiple browser tabs and an irc client running too (now guess what was i doing).

However, as i still couldn’t migrate any of my music to my laptop, i wanted to use Last.fm Discover to stream some random music. I only very rarely pick what i want to listen to, mostly i just play my whole library on shuffle. Sadly Grooveshark (which, Flash based, worked without any problems on Windows) can’t do that. However, Chromium just kept crashing.

First the AdBlock plugin couldn’t stay running for more than two clicks’ time, then whole pages started to “crash”. Just switching windows to Thunderbird or launching an explorer window to sort some files could make the last 2-3 tabs crash immediately. That’s not fun. On the other hand, Firefox doesn’t do that. I even tried opening ten tabs, then start a terminal and open up an explorer window, but it didn’t crash. So i guess at least on my laptop linux install, i’m gonna stick to FF instead of Chromium.