Remember that article about how Japanese don’t have sex anymore? And that other (raging weeaboo) in response to it claiming they do?

Well. As you may well know if you know anything about me, i’m in the light music club of my university (yes, that light music club). We had our usual autumn festival last weekend, and the family of one of the third-years dropped by too. The guy’s a twitter addict, i mean it. I’d even go as far as to say he’s a typical nerd: video games, anime and playing his instrument is pretty much all there is (and also tweeting about all these activities). Thing is, he has a little sister and since the gig, he’s been going on about that a lot. How we mustn’t even dream of hitting on her. How perfect she is.

Then there was this interesting thing: his sister and mother asked him if he has a girlfriend – and he answered it’s too much time and effort (a sadly very common answer from japanese guys). “You’ll never get one then,” was the natural reaction.

Thing is, he’s still occasionally saying “dang i want a girlfriend so much,” and that confuses me. Want a girl but don’t want to make any efforts? Is that it? Considering how he’s quite average, i guess there you have one example from the inside of the problem cited in the articles i mentioned before.