Just now I found this nice infographic about the average coffee consumption around the world on facebook, and I just had to check how I’m faring.

Current Worldwide Annual Coffee Consumption per capita

I used the data from my credit cards’ detailed usage logs, but sadly they only go back until August last year, so I only had half a year’s worth of data to compile.

2013/8-2014/1 coffee consumption

It took a while to make this graph, but here it goes. Apparently in the past half year, I’ve already consumed more coffee (3600 grams) than the yearly average of Japan or Hungary (3.3 and 3.1 kg respectively). I only included the beans I bought, so this doesn’t include the occasional cup while travelling, nor what I drank while I was visiting my family.

Oh, best thing is that all of it is Starbucks. Paid for mostly with a Visa card. Talk about globalization.