My highest level ship is at this point Kitakami at level 97 (20-something thousand xp to go to 98), closely followed by I-168 and Ooi, both also at 97. As for torpedo cruisers, there isn’t really a race: even number three, Kiso is in the latter stages of level 96 at this point.

The field of subs is more spread out, Imuya having a two-level lead ahead of I-19, currently at 95, the rest following in the mid-80’s with the latecomer I-8 quickly catching up. She’s currently 66.

The battleships show a different pattern once again. I don’t use my aviation battleships that much, so they’re still lagging behind around level 30, while the Kongou-class battlecruisers and the two Nagato-class goddess are already past 80. Nagato herself is the highest level with 85.

Carriers also show a quite varied botescape. My 5-2 regulars, standard carriers Zuikaku and Shoukaku, and light carrier Zuihou are all around 75, leading by a high margin. The other standard carriers are all around 60, with the exception of the latecomer Hiryuu, still around 50.  Among light carriers (beside Zuihou), only Junyou could keep pace with the standard carriers, and she’s around 60 too. The rest of the light carriers are doing their homework under level 30. On the other hand, one of the most recent additions to the fleet, armored carrier Taihou is catching up with astonishing speeds – she passed level 45 in less than three days after her arrival.

I don’t use heavy cruisers much, which is why even my favorite Kako is only at level 38, alongside Maya and Kumano. Light cruisers are led by Yuubari at 49, followed closely by the fleet’s idol at 48.

Destroyers are – naturally – led by the three double-upgrade beasts, Verniy (pardon me, Верний) at level 80, and Shigure and Yuudachi past 70. Shimakaze and Yukikaze follow in the 50’s, and the rest of desdiv 6 are in their 40’s.

That sums it up for now – I might do further summaries like this in the future, if/when I’m bored enough.