Yeah I know it was too good to be true. Get an internet connection that is in theory faster than what I used the past three years, for half the money, and I even get a discount on my cell bill. Can you guess where’s the catch?

Of course traffic shaping. Torrent down- and upstream are both limited to roughly 50 KB/s. At least it is like that when using Vuze. Worse even, XDCC transfers appear to be heavily limited as well (down to around 5-10 KB/s per transfer). As you can guess though, I’m not exactly the kind of person who likes it when a service I pay for is limited beyond reasonable. I wouldn’t whine if my ISP said I should refrain from generating 80 gigs of traffic in two days, but limiting an entire file transfer method just because is what awakens the inner rebel in me and I go to great lengths to circumvent it.

Not now though.