Today the plan was that I’d go to the sushi place in the neighborhood and socialize with whoever’s there at this time (it’s friday night, so I had my hopes up). Except when I entered there was no one but an older lady who looked really surprised at me. That in itself wouldn’t be weird (after all I’m a westerner in a japanese living neighborhood), but instead of welcoming me, she started with a “what do you want?”. Now that’s weird.

When I told her that I came for sushi (duh), she told her husband next room that a fore— someone wants sushi. That’s when I noticed that the counter is totally empty, and after all I graduated economics so I can add one and one – they’re closed. That was frustrating enough, considering that outside the door there was a big and inviting “open” sign… But even more frustrating was the tone of the man in the other room. I couldn’t catch the words, but the tone was clear: I’m sleeping, tell that motherfucker to piss off. I asked the lady when are they open then, and she told me they closed early today because of reasons. Sure. He wanted some sleep I guess.

Better even, after I got home, I could barely win two of my PVP matches in KanColle, against people ten levels under me (and fleets way weaker than mine), because my four BBs on the fleet would miss everything, while the enemy would land crits all over my shipdaughters. I wasn’t exactly in a gentle mood from the wasted round at the sushi place, but seeing my level 94 Nagato class ships with the strongest equipment I have miss every time then get destroyed by enemy ships 40 levels under them managed to make it even worse. Things like this always make me wonder why am I playing this game at all in the first place.

Not to mention I’m hungry. At least that I can do something about.