Someone shared a CH collection of McDonald’s stuff that aren’t available in the US. What a surprise (not), a good bunch of them are Japan-only. So I thought, let’s take advantage of where I live and hunt those available now down.

Finding the closest McD posed a bit more of a challenge than I expected (there was one marked on Maps that actually wasn’t (yet or anymore) there), and finding any of the items on CH’s list was even tougher. Apparently most of them are (were) limited edition meals not available now where I went, so I picked up two others instead…

One is the teritama burger, the other is the shaka-shaka chicken. Teritama is short for teriyaki and tamago (egg), and quite descriptive of the sandwich: it features teriyaki sauce and a (huge) slice of boiled egg. As for the latter, shaka-shaka is just an onomatopoeia. You’re supposed to put pepper or cheddar cheese in with the chicken fry in the paper bag, close it and shake it up. That’s the sound its name imitates.

However, looking at the menu on the net I found a few other limited edition stuff that I guess I’ll check sometime later on – strictly in the name of living healthy.