Now that the spring event is over, my KanColle playstyle changes once again. Back in university I had the time (or just didn’t care that I don’t) to play actively all day every day, and I was clearing all the quests, even those vastly cost-ineffective. Which as a side effect resulted in that I was poor. I remember feeling rich having 7-8 thousands of resources.

Then while I was travelling with my family in March, I wasn’t sortieing whatsoever, only clearing the most basic dailies and using the best long-time expeditions I had access to (back then I didn’t have enough barrels nor high enough level fleets for the world 5 barrel expeds). Depending mostly on that and natural regeneration (which, for my level is over 25 thousand) I was running LSC every time all my resources went over 30 thousand, but nothing else.

During the spring event, I was using up those resource stockpiles. I was running the barrel expeds during the day (in the morning, lunch break and when I got home from work) and throwing all I’ve got at the event maps. I was pretty desperate about finding Tanikaze and Uzuki, rotating E4 and 2-2 countless times, without any luck. I managed to clear all event maps though.

Since then I once again fell back to a less active playstyle, only sortieing as much as absolutely necessary to clear the daily and basic weekly quests. I think that once my resource-economy has recovered, I’ll rotate 5-4 and run LSC as much as sustainable. But that’s still way ahead.