A week or so ago I started playing League again. I just wanted some entertainment more active than watching anime and less randomly frustrating than KanColle. Well…

Except League eats into sleeping time and it is way more frustrating than KC due to the utter idiocy of a huge portion of the people – and it’s just as luck/random dependent who I get teamed up with as are drops, compass decisions and critical hits in KC.

Especially the eating into sleeping time part is problematic. There is always the urge for “just one more”, but unlike in KC, where a sortie takes at most 10 minutes while reading some article on the Atlantic, a LoL game can go up to 40-50 minutes and demands continuous focus. When that happens at 3am, that means I have even less time to sleep (not that I’m not used to it), which means that every moment of free time at work I’ll spend napping instead of doing something creative.

So yeah. Tuning down to be done.