It’s really hard to write about the CROWDS finale without spoilers. I tried, but that just wasn’t enough to blow the steam off. Consider this a spoiler alert.


What the hell did Hajime mean by “you are me!” even? I thought that she was just an ordinary, though socially very active and DIY-loving high school girl, and not some demigod who’s led planets to destruction before.

Katze sometimes has a physical form, sometimes he doesn’t. Did the writers try to pull a Fight Club and flip the enemy “on the inside”? Well, it didn’t really work out, because Tyler Durden and Berg Katze are different in more ways than they are similar. Paiman, OD and JJ seem to know Katze from before, which also rules out that he was just “the evil half of Hajime”.

Then how exactly did she seal him? Wasn’t he “hiding in the hearts of humans”? When I read that, my first reaction was “he what?” I’m okay with him just zapping around the place (the sound effect is especially cool), or going invisible and then beating up Gatchaman. But now he’s everywhere? More even, he’s in everyone? That’s pretty much a modern definition of a god…

If he was in everyone, then how did Hajime pull him out? Did she (grab your pants) taunt him out? Or was he already out, just— I don’t even. It doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t like it when stuff doesn’t make sense.

But I could just go back to the part about how Hajime walked in the air at the Spirit Cliff? I wouldn’t mind them growing wings and flying up with the paper birds, if only it was explained. But things just happened without any apparent cause or effect. Judging from how Sugane managed to follow her example in a later episode, I take she explained how or what she did there – I sure wish they told us too, because you know, people walking in the air just like that isn’t something so easy to get over. First guess is the banal explanation that there is some tuned anti-gravity stream at the Cliff that keeps JJ’s platform floating, and also everything else brave enough to step out into the air.

I would even be okay with some spiritual explanation, if only the show was consistent with it throughout the series…