Is it worth doing the weekly quests or not? For those that are doable in 2-3, the answer was obviously yes, since just sortieing 2-3 is worth it (even using 3 subs). The rest, however…

I’ve heard people saying that 4-2 is also doable with subs, so I gave it a try… Then another, and in a day I was done with it. I’d say I came out earning more than the costs were, except for a bunch of buckets.

However, that made me curious if the world 3 quest could be subbed too. At first I forgot that it needs wins in 3-3 or 3-4, and rotated 3-1 a bunch of times instead. Considering how 3-3 has pretty strict routing rules (making it practically impossible to get to the boss without (surface) carriers), the random hell of 3-4 is the only option for subs.

However, if the map’s notorious compass trolling wasn’t enough, it’s also full of flagship light cruisers and destroyers, equipped with sonars – making them deadly for the poor subs. Not to mention that it’s incredibly long – no matter what route you take to the boss, it’s gonna be the fourth battle, so the ships will be totally out of fuel and ammo. On the one hand that means that they can only do a small fraction of their damage (which would be very needed against a flagship-packed enemy fleet), and on the other hand the refills afterwards will exceed the returns in a mere couple of sorties.

Conclusion is, I don’t think that the W3 weekly can be made profitable at all. It has tremendous costs, both in ammo and fuel, and also in buckets. I’ll test 4-4 tomorrow – so far it seems not-impossible with 4 subs.