Another of Brew Dog’s brews targeted at the young and rebellious lovers of good beer.

Ponies drowned in rainbows

It pours a clear deep gold color with a head gone really quick, only leaving a weak film of bubbles. Still, there’s some lacing (if anyone cared).

The smell tells tales of citrus and earthy tones, bold and fresh as a good bitter American pale ale should (should?) be. It suggested a taste that I’d really love, not too heavy yet strong and multi-layered, so I had my hopes high. The first mouthful greeted me with a medium body, pretty dry with a very faint oily feel to it.

The taste is something completely different than what I expected. It’s bitter, and it’s dominated by roasted and earthy tastes that remind me of weekends when as a kid I helped my mom in the garden. The phrase “hop Howitzer” really describes it well. It’s all about the bitterness-centered various notes brought by the hops, the earthiness, the floweriness. I think the malts used in this brew should sue for discrimination, because they are given close to no freedom.

The aftertaste is almost salty. The bitterness and the fizzy carbonation lingers for very long. For some that robust bitterness might make it not as refreshing as it could be.