Just a while ago I read an article about how big beer should consider making brews that would be too costly for small-scale brewing. Soon after I saw a (private) post on facebook featuring Sapporo’s White Belg, and I was honestly surprised that some mainstream brands actually try their hands at brews that would normally stay in craft territory.

White Belg

Sapporo White Belg pours clear, very pale straw color. It starts with a good solid head that disappears slowly, in the end leaving just a film on the surface that allows for minor lacing.

It has a yeasty smell that’s characteristic of the genre, but it’s toned down a lot. There are some notes that reminded me of crayons. (Really.) There were some lager-ish impressions too, I don’t really know why.

It’s got a medium, but oily body, accompanied by a solid carbonation. The carb surprised me: when the beer appears fizzy, it’s gone quickly after a first shock every mouthful, but later when the beer seems to have calmed down, it lingers for long.

The taste is very faint. I’d say it’s centered around the yeast, though there are those weird crayon-ish notes as well. I was happy to find fruity tastes too, the citrusy orange and refreshing ones like pear and melon.

Sadly the aftertaste has that alcohol taste that I so don’t like (it’s the main reason I’m willing to pay more for quality beer than settle with supermarket six-packs), but then even later the melon returns for one last goodbye.