Well. I like beer, I love goya. Why not try goya “beer” then?

Goya Dry

I was surprised that it poured straw color, instead of some crazy goya green. It starts with a big, solid white head that sticks to the glass as well.

The smell of goya is definitely there, but I was a bit disappointed that its stingy bitterness was missing from the nose.

It’s got a light-medium body with an easy-going carbonation. Even though it’s supposedly a bitter melon beer (as goya is bitter, that much is for sure), the bitterness seems to be toned down a lot in favor of the malty sweetness. The fruity notes are there, of course, dominated by the melon, but goya isn’t goya without the bitter.

The sweetness doesn’t linger for long though, as it’s replaced by a dry, slightly bitter rice taste. Especially this light final touch is what makes the beer (is it even a beer at all?) really refreshing.