Karuizawa beer has a fame that it’s gotta live up to. My expectations were high for this IPA, and it was indeed quite a ride.

Karuizawa Summer Ale

Summer Ale pours clear gold, with a big, bubbly head that however hardly leaves any lacing behind.

I expected a fruity, faintly sweet smell, since it’s an IPA, but what I got was much more. It’s all about the hops, extremely fruity, I could almost feel the raw power of the hops behind the aroma they generate.

Its body is light with medium carb. Let me sum it up in two words: hop paradise. It’s bitter, very much so, though behind the obvious citrus taste I think I caught a glimpse of some dark chocolate-ish notes.

I don’t know what makes an IPA “bossa nova”, but how refreshing and bitter it is reminds me of tonic water. The grainy end of the hops’ taste lingers for long.