Nowadays when I’m reading online, it’s either Quartz, Bloomberg, The New Yorker and/or twitter. Just earlier today I was browsing through the news on Quartz when something interesting caught my eye.

There was a news note about how North African countries launched air strikes against religious militia who took hold of Tripoli, Libya. I couldn’t not notice the reprimanding tone of the note: how dare sovereign countries launch an attack against a potential threat in a neighboring country without telling the US?! It’s simply outrageous!

It all got even better when just a few notes later there was another piece of news about the US stance on Syria. Obama authorized the tracking of ISIL troops using spy planes and the like, and there’s a good chance the extremists will have to expect a change in weather: bombs will start raining down on them. It’s all great and fine that the US is actually targeting ISIL. What made me laugh out loud, on the other hand, was how they stated clean and clear that they won’t be asking for Syrian permission to launch an attack (in response to the Syrian government’s demands for cooperation).

Let’s just admire the irony of the US flat out refusing to coordinate operations with the acting government of a sovereign country on said sovereign country’s territory – and at the same time they are offended by how other likewise sovereign countries aren’t reporting in to them about something that’s pretty much none of the US’s business.