I must admit that when it comes to Kyara, I’m as biased as biased one can get. It’s one of my favourite Japanese beers, and one of if not the first craft beer I’ve ever had.

Coedo Kyara

It’s clear gold body has a tiny white head sitting on it. The ring that remains is in charge of lacing the glass with interesting patterns (doing a pretty good job).

Kyara has a nose that’s just what I want from a beer: hop paradise. Fruity, but not sweet, rich, but not heavy.

The body’s on the lighter side of medium, and so is the carbonation. The taste follows suit and presents a hop paradise. There’s the ruthless bitterness, the tropical fruitiness and the toned-down presence of the malts. There is a roasted, creaminess to it that gives it a rich depth without making it actually thick.

This is pretty much how I like my beer: bitter, fruity and refreshing with some depth.