Well, yesterday wasn’t exactly the epitome of pleasantness. It didn’t start worse than average. I managed to get up at an average time in the morning and I didn’t die jogging my morning laps either. I then picked up some students from some animation school coming to visit (it’s useful to be immediately recognizable in a crowd of Japanese for such tasks). I even disarmed a rage-bomb of the director as well.

But then I came home to make and eat lunch and stuff started getting messy. First of all while chopping the onions I managed to cut into my left pinky pretty damn deep, so I had to spend the day with band-aid fixed on it so I won’t bleed on everything. Worse even, I forgot about a meeting that wasn’t in the studio’s shared calendar, so I couldn’t even get to eat my lunch and had to rush back.

The fact that the meeting was utterly and completely pointless and got us nowhere didn’t make it any better. At least I got to come home again and finish my well-deserved meal. The afternoon passed more or less eventless, but then the evening winds brought new clouds on the horizon. And then over us.

This is a pretty busy time for Origin and this morning was the deadline for a production phase, so things were getting ugly with tons of material coming in last-minute (and after the last minute), that needed to be sorted out and passed on as soon as possible. I’m always somewhat confused by how badly schedules are handled. I’ll try my best not to let everything collapse at the last minute when I’ll be in charge next year.

Due to last-minute checks and aforementioned tons of work, it was about 3.30am by the time I got home. I just had some choco-chip cookies, passed out and slept like a log until morning.