Last week on the way home from Tsukuba I went to pick up new beer, and the shop had a ranking based on IBU. The other beer I checked recently were on that list too, so I was expecting something with a bitter punch. And since the label says “unfiltered alt”, also some thick, cloudy goodness.

Ginga Kogen Alt

It was indeed cloudy, amber colored with a big, solid vanilla colored head. The head and the medium lacing suggested a smooth, creamy body.

Ginga Kogen Alt has a sweet, caramel nose. The fruity, syrupy feeling stands out in the complex mix of aromas. I’d swear there were some cocoa notes too.

It has a light-medium body with stingy medium carbonation. The first impression is the grainy, caramel tone. Overall, it’s a quiet tastescape, maybe even a bit bland. The bitters are subdued, and the malts aren’t given much space to unleash their sweet powers either.

The unfiltered cloudiness sticks around, leaving behind an impression for a long time. Roasted notes linger with a light bitterness.