Well, not really a beer night, but still. I just happened to have two 50% coupons for Popeye in Ryogoku from the last time I went there with Quattro, and they were valid until yesterday. You can’t let such an opportunity go to waste, so after waking up past 3pm (long live sleep deprivation) and working out for a few hours at the local gym, I decided to go and use the coupons.

Spent the night talking with a friend about a certain project we’ve been planning for a while now, while drinking various interesting, and in my case Japanese craft beer. I prefer picking up “local” Japanese brews, but it’s sometimes not so easy to tell which is which.

I was a bit shocked to see that Coedo released pale ale. I’m a fan of their Kyara, but I wasn’t following their company news before, so I had no idea about the limited edition brews they release every now and then. Paradoxical IPA is one such, a surprisingly smooth and (relatively) sweet IPA.

As for the others, I wasn’t taking notes, so I can’t really say. I remember one of them having a peach taste, and that the scotch ale wasn’t near as special as I expected.