It’s been a while since I last got caffeine high. It might’ve been a year or two back when I knocked back 4-5 cups of freshly brewed coffee during a late-night translation session.

Well, scratch that. It was tonight. I was feeling very low on energy and sleepy as hell at around 7pm, which posed quite a problem considering we had various checks scheduled until 11pm, all of which I was supposed to attend attentively.

The solution offered itself in the shape of a KitKat bar and a Monster M3. I didn’t want to get a whole can of some energy drink, because having to excuse myself for a piss mid-check isn’t exactly okay.

The 150ml energy concentrate with the massive sugar kick of the chocolate gave me the hardest and longest caffeine (or whatever) high I can remember. Hell, it lasted almost 6 hours straight!

Sure, it’s not something I’d gladly repeat anytime soon, or ever, unless a similar need for extended focus arose again. It obviously puts quite a strain on the body, but having such a trump card in reserve can come handy at times.