Today at work the topic of flashbombs came up. Now the only thing I know about flashbombs is that Inara uses one in Serenity when Mal fights the Alliance agent at the training house. I suggested that I’ll bring the movie to use as a reference, so when I got home I ended up rewatching it. Again.

There aren’t many movies that I saw more than one time. There are plenty that were memorable (like Cloverfield for example), but I can only think of two from “recent years” that I watched more than once: Serenity and the 2009 Star Trek movie.

Of course there is a good bunch of movies that I grew up on, watching them over and over again, such as Mary Poppins, Home Alone 3, Beauty and the Beast, Die Hard or Little Nemo (the Slumberland one, not the fish)… However, I watched these before I’d consciously start to look for and watch movies.